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The 2007 Show season is coming to an end.

Rolex exceeded my expectations and ended up best American bred horse in the

USEF/Markel Young Horse Championship the second Weekend in September 2007

at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky.

We trained very hard to get there and the quest began with the support of Michael Poulin at the Christoph Hess Symposium in April 2007 for Young Dressage Horses at the School of Dressage in DeLeon Springs.

Rolex was still very childish and immature at the clinic and Christoph Hess was not so sure he could do the workload it takes to get to the Championship. That do to his size at 1.80m and late birth date the 16th  of June 2001 he just needed more time" to grow up".

We went home and continued the work and went to try out at the spring

Kentucky Dressage Associations annual Memorial Weekend Show in May to win the qualifying classes both days.

The following weekend he also won his qualifying classes at the Saint Louis Dressage Show. That gave me enough scores to submit and enter him for the Championship.

From there it was to continue the training and polish the test until the YHC in  September hoping that the scores will put me in the top 20 in the country to make the cut.


Meeting up with Michael Poulin again at Paxton Farm for further instruction Rolex gained some muscle weight and started to look more like a Dressage horse.

Finally the word came that we made the cut and he was in the Championship.


My goal now was to make it to Sunday into the top 12. To ride in the Finals was a realistic goal and with a very conservative ride in the preliminary test on Friday we made it in to ride in Sundays Finals.


After a great warm up I wanted to risk more but a spook just before my entry send the relaxation right out the door and I had to deal with tension thru my trot work and especially in the first half of my walk work. Finally in the canter he let go and I had to risk all to make up what I could. It ended up being an ok test but certainly not our best one. When Hilda Gurney open her statement with You had a bad day I knew the score would not be our best.


But very proud of Rolex trying his best we finished 11th in the country  at the

USEF/Markel Young Horse Championship 2007and that was more than anybody thought we could do in April.

Rolex  received the BORN IN USA AWARD for the highest placing American born and trained horse which I am especially proud of. This is the second time he received this honor.

Many thanks to Michel Poulin who believed in Rolex and me and continued to call to find out how he is working and thru videos as well kept Rolex and me on track.

After the pressure was off the both of us I had to do something fun with Rolex.

I do my gymnastic with him at least once a week just so I do not feel like a Drill sergeant every day and I took him to a nice Jumper Show  back to the Kentucky Horse Park the following weekend.Rolex had so much fun. Almost to much because he was bucking and jumping around on the warm up like a 3 year old.

He ended up winning the level 5 and placing 7th in the $ 3000,- Dollar Rood & Riddle Mini Prix.

He also had to 2nd in the 6 year old jumper classes this year.

Not very many horse can claim success in the Dressage and the Jumping ring.

Now the goal is to get him started on tempi changes as well as canter pirouettes so we can school

and get solid at 4th level test 3 and hopefully schooling all of the Prix St Georg by the middle of next year. Rolex and I are

going to meet up for a little while with Michael Poulin again this Winter

and will attend the Christoph Hess/Linda Zang +Stephen Clarke  FEI Course for Young Horse Dressage Judges again at his

School of Dressage the 15th + 16th of March 2008 it is open to audit


Hopefully I will find some time to get a little jumping in he certainly likes to do it .

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