The Inspection went well.I am pround to announce that Rolex got approved and put in Stud Book I.

Keene and I left the morning after the Inspection to go with Rolex to the USEF/Markel Young Horse and Developing Horse Championship at Lamplight Chicago ILL.

Just a short update. On Tuesday August 18th 2009 we will have the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar Internaional Foal Inspection at Rhein River Farm. And we had the Michael Poulin clinic at Blue Moon Stable and Rolex got his last tune up before leaving for the USEF Developing Horse Championship  at Lamplight Chicago 20th - 24th of August 2009. Rolex and I have worked very hard to qualify for it and I am very excided.

Summer has arrived with its blistering heat. After the Kentucky Show all the horses had a little bit of the snots. Something they picked up. So we had to take it easy for a few days with the young once. But they all felt better soon and off we went to SLADS.
Saint Louis Annual Dressage Show. Rolex had another super ride in the PSG and a 65% in the  Developing horse class.
Fuerst had some bad luck. As we are riding in the ring it started raining outside(I was indoors) lots of lightening and thunder.
But when the rain hit the roof he bolted pretty bad and was very scared. So needless to say we did not get a score to send us to the championship. Rolexa got a 70% again and we were very happy with that. Aqua JP won her training level classes with 74+% and her owner Carolyn and Harold Bean came to watch her go and were impressed with her progress.

After SLADS we went to Hamilton GA to show at Poplar Place Farm. I had never been there and I was not looking forward to it since it is an 8 1/2 hr drive and it was 100dg out there. But the Farm is worth the drive. All interstate and easy acess. I will go there again for sure. They had the last qualifier class for the USEF Young Horse Championships and I needed a very good score for Fuerst or we are out. We had a super ride and it was easy for him. He was rewarded with and 8 on the trot, 7.8 on the walk, 7.9 for the canter, 8.5 for submission and an 8.5 for General Impression. His overall score being an 81% shooting him into 10th place in the country and ensuring him to go to the Championships. Dani also showed him and he was a perfect Gentleman. She won her 1st level 4 qualifying class and was 2nd in her Training 4 qualifing class. In his second ride Fuerst was very tiered since it was so increadable hot.
Rolex placed second in the Prix Saint George and won his Developing Horse Class with an 68% puting him in 12th place in the country for the Championship and I am pretty sure he is also going to be invited to the Championships held August 21.-23.  2009 at Lamplight Illionoi.

It has been a while that I have updated the news section. It was a long winter and since I still do not have an indoor I got started a little late. Fuerst River H returned to me for training after the lucky new owner Dani Brown worked him all winter with her trainer Bonna McCuisten in Indianapolis. We are trying out for the USEF/Markel young horse championship again this year he will compete in the 5 year old division and he won his class at the KDA Memorial weekend show at the Kentucky Horse Park with a near76% score. Her owner Dani showed him in the 4+5 year old Material class in the breed show and Fuerst was both days Grand Champion. Dani did a super job with him.
I also had the 4 year old Dutch mare Aqua JP come to me the middle to end of March to continue her training and she won quite a few ribbons herself at her first show.
I sold Rolexa H and she was ridden on and off all winter since Paul Summer was in Collage and could not take her with him this year. She also returned to me in training for the summer to get her started over fences and hopefully qualified for the Young horse Dressage championship. She was very scared at ther first show at KDA winning ribbons with Paul in the Breed show and getting a 70% qualifying score in her 4 year old test. I was very impressed.

Rolex did his first Prix St. Georg and I was a little nervous about it. He got very exited when I brought the mare and foal home and we had a rough week just prior to the show. But with Michael Poulins advise and guidance how to handel the stallion issue I got him focused again just in time and he won his class with a very nice ride and a 65.26% ride. We still have to polish the ride but he was easy to ride thru out the test and felt great. He finished 2nd in the Developing horse division with a 61.23%.
We had small mistakes but we are on the right track. I just really do not like the way this Developing test rides. It is to backward thinking for the young horses. I wish they would change it to something more inviting for the upcoming FEI horses.

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