It has been a strange year. Keene has been home helping and working on the Farm and I have been busy riding. Rolex and I went to a few of the Jumping Shows in Lake St. Louis just having fun with that since I do not have an Indoor. I also took along Casey to move him up to the Mini Prix's and he is doing super. Miss Rainbow Cat and El Ray did very well at the shows as well moving everybody up a level.

In the spring Rolex did his first I-1 and won with a near 68%. Really good and he is schooling a few piaff steps and one tempis.

The hot summer just made me realize how much an indoor means to me. It was so hot and no shade in site.

I made the very difficult decision to sell Rolex and he is now in the capable hands of Yvonne Barteau in Chicago as his trainer. The best of luck to his new owner Kristin Allen at Lamplight. He has been fun and a pleasure and he will bring joy to all who work with him.

So now Keene has already cut down a bunch of trees and they will start the dirt work sometime next week for the indoor.

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