The 2012 show season has started and all my horses are doing well. I went for a last preparation to St. Louis to work with Axel Steiner who was most helpful in keeping us focused on the little details. We wanted to make sure we were fighting for every point possible in the ring.

The following week was our first qualifying show in Murfreesboro, TN.  Allure did her first 4-3 qualifyer and first developing horse Prix St. George and scored a 65%   I was very happy and I am so proud of her for delivering such a good test at her young age of 7.

Twighlight won her PSG with a 65%, and Tori and Rebecca also got qualifying scores. 



Majestic Farms Ride for the Roses Show had a little bit of everything from the weather being pleasant to pouring down rain, and than hot and humid. Allure delievered the best rides she ever has and I could not stop smiling half way through my test knowing I was having a fantastic ride in the Developing Prix St. George.  It got rewarded with a 71% and that gives me a chance to actually make it into the top 15 in the country to go to the Championships in Chicago.

Roccodera won both his 3-3 qualifiers with great rides also in the 70%.

I also took Diva along, a 4 year old Dutch mare by Freestyle who's been under saddle since last August. This was both her and her rider Sarah's first show. Despite this, she won her Material classes with great scores in the mid to upper 70's.

Spring is arriving in big strides and I am taking a few days for myself to energize and get ready for the upcoming show season. I arrived in Düsseldorf Germany just in time to make it to the international indoor show in the wonderful Westfalen Halle in Dortmund. It was, as usua,l a great feeling in the arena during the Grand Prix Freestyle on Sunday morning. Nadine Capellman won with a very elegant ride on Girasol with 77.6%, followed by a harmonious ride between Rubins Royal and Annabel Balkenhol with a 74.6%.
The experience of Ludger Beerbaum helped him win the Grand Prix jumping a difficult very technical course.

It was here  23 years ago at the Equitation Finals jumping that I won with a 9.5

I had a personal invitation to see the Landes Reit und Fahrschule in Langenfeld by the Geschäftsführer (President) Herrn Fuss and it was a very impressive facility and perfect day
I met up with some old friends and had also time to see some very exceptional local horses.

There is a huge jumping show at Gut Neuhaus in Neukirchen that is close enough to walk to from my mothers house, so it will be a fun weekend with a full house and then the puissance Saturday evening
I am looking forward to a good beer, good food and lots of old friends.


It is Halloween weekend and I am in Tryon NC. My apologies for not having updated my webpage since the Christoph Hess clinic in April.

Allure was Reserve Champion at the CDI Lamplight 2011  MARKEL / USEF Young Horse Dressage Central Selection Trials in the 6 year old division.

Rocky did very well at his first show at the Kentucky Dressage Association (KDA ) on Memorial Weekend with wonderful comments from the Judges in the 5 year old class. He was just approved by the GOV (German Oldenburg Verband and ISR and is now on his way back from the stallion testing for a reserved time off.

Rocco won his first time out third level tests and went back home with his owner
Dr. Gruber after the KDA Show.

I moved Unico, Rbekah's horse up from 2nd  level to winning his first time going third and fourth level in the high 60's and 70+%

Princess the 4 year old Zweibrücker mare winning her first time out doing first level test 3 open with a 73+% from Linda Zang at the USEF Young Horse Championships at Lamplight by Chicago. She is still growing and I am taking it easy for a while with her until she looks level again and getting thru this growing period.

Allure was absolutely perfect at the Championship. Coming in at the 5th alternate ranking 20 in the computer rankings for the 6 year old devision with a 75.6% average  and getting the invite the day of the closing date was cutting it close but we arrived at the Show never the less. She was spot on and earned a 77% in the preliminary test and a 81% in the finale finishing in 8th overall. Making it the highlight of the show season. Many thanks to Gwen Poulin who was my eye on the ground and coach for the weekend for her wonderful help.

Regional Championships at Majestic Farm went very well but with one late change in my third level championship class I ended up 4th and was a little disappointed. Even thou I won the Majestic Farm Training Level Championship class with Princess and Third level Championships class with Allure.
Rebekah won her second level Junior Championship and her third level open class.
Tori won the Young Rider Prix St George championship so we all did well.

KC, the owner of Allure wanted
to go and have Allure work with the former Dutch National Coach Henk van Bergen who coached the Dutch team at two Olympics. So we went to see him in Tryon North Carolina where he was giving a clinic hosted by Jennifer Baumert.  His comment at the end of the two days was " the only thing wrong was that Allure was not his" the owner and I felt good about that. :-)
It was a beautiful drive thru the Blue Ridge Mountain with the Fall Colors at its peak. It was a  wonderful  weekend with the horses and a visit to the amassing  Biltmore Estate. Anybody who will be in the area should go and see it.

Now I added a few new youngster, 3+4 year olds to get going for next season.
Unico is also back with me after spending a little time at home with Rebekah.
She started her swim team again so I am trying to get him ready for next year so we can hopefully get Rebekah on the Junior team.
Roco should come back the end of the month to continue his education

I am really enjoying my indoor and try to get ready for spring since Florida does not look like an option this winter for a lot of different reasons.


Just got back from the Christoph Hess clinic with the three young horses River"s Princess, Rock Solid and Allure. Team Engaged did a wonderfull job at the Rolling Hills Facility in Versailes Kentucky. I arrived Friday night late. River's Princess H, the 4 year old bay mare by River H presented herself very nice. Althou she is barely 9 month under saddle she never put a foot wrong. She has a great temperament. She was very tiered after Christoph pressed her in the trot work until it was to his satisfaction. I told him at the end how little she was actually under saddle since he saw a little talent for half steps and asked for leg yields. But she passed her test with flying colors:-)

Rock Solid, the 5 year old Stallion, presented himself in a good light. Theressa and Michael Schnell the owner, had to drive 4 hours in the morning to be there. By the end of the ride he felt fantastic hes canter so uphill his trot work engaged and expresiv. He is going to be an FEI horse for sure. Saddly Theressa and Michael could not stay for the second day and took Rocky home driving again 4 hours back. He had a long day.

Allure started out a little hesitant the first day but finished strong on the second day. We rode the 6 year old test for Herr Hess, who has judged the Young Horse Word Championships as well as the Bundeschampionat. We nailed the test with all four changes and we got very good scores. I still have six weeks before the first qualifier show so I can finess the ride. I was so proud of Allure. She has been working hard learning the changes and being brave in the canter work and it is starting to pay off. Her trot half passes are increadable.

I am hoping to put a few pictures up as soon as I get them from Shirley Mcquillen.

Christoph Hess is giving a Young Horse Forum in Rhode Island this weekend and I am getting ready to fly out to attend. Should be very educational since we are going view video and  to discuss and actually get to participate in judging the young horses.

2012 is turning out to be a great year. Allure is of to a great show season with impressiv wins at 4th level and 4th level freestyle in the 70-75% range 

Althou only 7 I am going to try out for Developing PSG National Championships

Allure won her first Developing PSG qualifier with a 71.1% and her second qualifier with a 75.44%. i could not be more proud of her. it was a fantastic ride and hope to have one just like that at USEF/Developing PSG horse Championships

We made it to USEF Championships at Lamplight and the   weather is fantastic. Allure is feeling fresh. We had an ok Prix St. George ride with little mistakes and sadly our Developing PSG filnal test on Sunday also had a small hick up. We finished 8th in the Country. I would like to say a big Thank You to her owner KC Dunn who has trusted me with Allure's education for the last 2 years.

Now it is of to Regional Championship in the beautyful Kentucky Horse Park

All Championship Classes are going to be in the Rolex Arena and the cold Fall mornings are breathtaking.

Allure and I are 4th level Freestyle Regional Champion with a 72.91%

What a nice ride.It was so much fun. On Sunday in our 4th level open Championship class I was not so lucky. We had a wind storm and tents are flopping, flowers are falling over and Flags are snapping. Allure is a little to sensetive for that and we had 2 big spooks. We ended up 4th place but all things considered I am happy with that even thou I know we can do this better.

But what a year. :-)

Allure finished



CHAMPION 4th level Musical Freestyle Challenge Year End Awards
CHAMPION - Region 2 Open Freestyle 4th level Championships
4th place - Region 2 Open 4th level Championship
I could not be more proud and glad our season is coming to such a great end
Now I have to let Allure go to another trainer. I am a little worried but I am going to get her back after my return from my 3 month stay in Germany. I got excepted by Klaus Balkenhol as a working student. What an opportunity. Closing down my barn for 3 month is scary but I believe worth it.
I arrived in Germany and I will have a short visit with my family. So excited to have dinner with my brothers and my mother before leaving for Rosendahl to stay with Klaus, Judit and Anabel Balkenhol for the next 3 month.
I was welcome and Klaus and Judit showed me the Apartment where I would stay for my time with them. I felt lucky to have my own place since the groom and riders had to share the apartment next door.
Work starts at 6am in the barn with feeding and stall cleaning. Riding starts at 8am until 1pm. 1pm til 3 pm lunch followed by afternoon riding and evening feeding at 5:30pm to finish at 6pm  Saturday 6am to 1pm. I was not asigned to weekend duty or night check.
My mother baked a cake every week for me while I was there waiting for me to drive up on Saturday afternoon. It is a 1 1/2hr drive so I would get home just in time for 'Kaffee und Kuchen' :-) 
My two brothers made a point of coming to visit most Saturday afternoon since I have not seen them much for the last 20 years I now live in the United States.
I know that made my mother very happy and she could not wait for the weekends.
Klaus would asign the 26 horses, ranging from 3 year olds that where started to Dablino, Anabels Olympic horse,  that needed to be ridden to the riders the night prior. Anabel would ride about 5, Mendi about 4+, Sara, the Bereiter about 5+, Christina, Barn Manager about 4 youngsters, Eva about 5+ Klaus rides a few and I started with just a couple and moved up to 4-5  
KLAUS asignend the 17 year old Ehrentusch daughter to me that was Anabels old horse and she was started back up after having a foal the year prior. She is a retired Grand Prix horse and I felt honored that Anabel and Klaus trusted me with her. She could be a little bit of a pill at times but she was a wonderful horse to have as my schoolmaster and I am still very thankful for that opportunity. 
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