After my return from Germany and stay with Judit and Klaus Balkenhol my barn quickly filled back up with horses. Allure, returned and her and me took a little time to get back together. KC Dunn, owner of Timbach Farm and Allure also send the 3 coming 4 year old KWPN 17.2h black Sinatra Song gelding Easton out of Allure for Training with the goal to prepare him for USEF 4 year old Division and I had little time to prepare. Qualifying starts in April. Easton has a great work ethic like his mother and he came right out of the gait winning Training level with 75%+ and his Young Horse 4 year old FEI Test with a 79.2 at the Ride for the Roses Show in Batavia Ohio and his second qualifier with an 84.4% at the Tennessean Dressage  show. He ranged 5th in the contry with an avarage of 82%. Sadly he was sold a month before USEF National Championships. But he is in a wonderful home and I am happy for Easton. He is on his way to be educated to become a Grand Prix horse and I have no doubt he will be a good one.

Rock Solid the Oldenburg stallion by Rosenthal also returned to me. He just had a 7 month time of but started right back where we left of. I had just started the changes and canter half passes before he left. It just took a little time to get him back in working condition and goal for the year was to qualify him for Regionals at 3rd level. He won most of his classes in the upper 60's and low 70's  I was very happy with his progress that I decided to just see if I could also qualify him for 4th level. With time running out to Qualify I just put him in 4-3Q with out riding any other 4th level test and he won both qualifier classes with and 68% 

What a great guy. He just has a great temperament and is a good worker.

We ended up 5th in the 3-level Championship class with a 68.14% I was very mad at myself for throwing away stupid points by going of course other wise our score and placing would have been much better in this very tight class. but it was good enough to get the invitation for the US National Dressage Championships

Rocky also Ribboned in the 4th level open championship class in 6 place and that was our bonus for the year.

Allure had a mixed year. When she is good she is very good but she can have her moments of insecurity. We won PSG with scores up to 75.93% we won I-1 with scores up to 71.18% and with an amazing ride I-1 freestyle with a 79.12%

I have to say in that ride everything came so easy and as good as I can ride it. It was probably my best ride ever with her. Sadly at Regionals she came of the trailer with a fever and I ended up scratching from the first couple of days both my I-1 and I-1 freestryle Championship classes. She got the green light from the vet on Sunday but I did not have my normal horse under me and had to ride a very conservative PSG Championshhip ride. It was still good enough for 5th but I realy had hoped for a little more. The class went all day and had just under 30 horses in that class so I am very proud of my girl to going down centerline fighting for it.

I also had a chance to work with Michael Klimke and Debbie McDonald in a couple of clinics this year that where most helpful.

Rebeka, my Junior rider also had a great year. Our goal was to make the team for Region 2 for the NAJYR championships held in the Kentucky Horse Park in July.

Between school and Horse Show schedule it was tough but she made the team and made us proud.  I also wanted to move Rebeka and Unico up to 4th level with goal being Regional Championships. After she was my working student again for the summer she had learned so much that I  felt confident to have her also try out for the PSG  So at the last possible weekend to qualify Rebeka and Unico did there first PSG. She rode it 3 days in a row and won all three classes with consistant scores of 63 and 64% Earning Rebeka not only Champion title but also her silver Medal to be awarded to her at the USDF convention later this year. Right after Regionals we got the invitation that she made the ranklist and got qualified for Festival of Champions finishing a strong 8th in the country. She just made the cut for the official Junior Young Rider Youth Clinic in Lockport IL with our National Youth Coach Jeremi Steinberg as well as her invitation to the Robert Dover Horsemastership clinic held January2-6 2014 in Wellington. Robert Dover will be the head trainer. Olympians Jan Ebeling, and Debbie McDonald as wel as international riders Kathleen Raine and Shelly Francis, and international Judges Linda Zang and Janet Foy will also be teaching. Congratulation Rebeka and Unico very very proud of you.


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